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Liquid Glass Nail Laminate

Liquid Glass Nail Laminate – Laminates to your nail surface a high-tech lasting shine never before possible. This clear crystal shields against breaking, splitting, chipping and peeling.

Nail Food for Hungry Nails

Nail Food for Hungry Nails Nail Laminates – Time release formula enriched with vitamins & minerals brings health & moisture to damaged, stressed nails. Formaldehyde-free.

Never Break Nail Laminate

Never Break Nail Laminate – Bonds a calcium & protein moisturizing shield to nails for ultimate protection against dryness and brittleness.

No More Chips

No More Chips Nail Laminates – A unique basecoat with Adhesive Fibers which lock-in long lasting polish to prevent peeling and chipping.

No More Wraps Ultra Bonder

No More Wraps Ultra Bonder Nail Laminates – Bonds cracks and splits so nails grow out smoothly. Just brush your nails with these Kevlar, stronger than steel fibers.

No More Ridges

No More Ridges – Performs the three most important functions essential for a perfect manicure. Smoothes and fills unsightly ridges. Provides a better bonding surface for excellent polish adhesion. Nail Laminates No More Ridges prevents chipping, peeling, nail stain and splitting due to our own special nail laminate ingredient.

Poof! My Nails Are Dry

Poof! My Nails Are Dry – Poof! My Nails Are Dry ends your waiting for wet nail polish to dry! Use Poof! My Nails Are Dry and your nail polish will dry in 3 to 5 minutes without smudging and chipping. This amazing topcoat contains sunscreen to prevent yellowing and fading.

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