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Wella Bold Move

Wella Bold Move Matte Styling Paste – Hold Level 2. Creatively craft casually textured styles with this matte styling paste.

Start by spreading a small amount of Wella Bold Move across your fingertips, then manipulate into dry hair to design your desired shape.

Wella Create Character

Wella Create Character Texturizing Spray – Hold Level 3. Enhance the texture of your hair with curly and curvaceous shapes.

Spray Wella Create Character to dampen hair, then manipulate waves or curls as desired. Air dry into naturally energetic curls.

Wella Curl Craft

Wella Curl Craft Wax Mousse – Hold Level 3. A distinctive foaming wax that shapes and creates supple curls that are full of life and vitality.

Distribute a small amount of Wella Curl Craft into damp hair and gently form individual curls around your finger.

Wella Dynamic Fix

Wella Dynamic Fix 45 Second Crafting Spray – Hold Level 2.

Spray, play and perfect your style in 45 seconds with this flexible working mist.
As the last step before finishing your style,

Wella Elastic Energy

Wella Elastic Energy Curl Enhancing Mousse – Hold Level 2. Boost the energy of your curls with irresistible definition and virtually frizz-free shine.

Apply a small amount of Wella Elastic Energy to damp hair. Comb through and diffuse to create curly shapes. Or, throw your head forward, apply Wella Elastic Energy, and dry with an anti-gravity technique.

Wella Extra Volume

Wella Extra Volume Styling Mousse – Hold Level 3. Craft indulgent movement and variation for both creative and classic hair styles.

On damp hair, distribute Wella Extra Volume evenly from root to end. Blow dry with over-direction to the root for voluminous support.

Wella Flowing Form

Wella Flowing Form Smoothing Balm – Hold level 2. A lightweight smoothing balm to reduce frizz and increase flexibility.

Apply 2-5 pumps of Wella Flowing Form and work thoroughly through the mid-lengths and ends and blow dry. For extra smoothing, flat iron after drying.

Wella Mirror Polish

Wella Mirror Polish Shine Serum – Hold Level 1. Reflect the magnetism of your straight or wavy style with natural control that tames frizz and gives a precious glossy finish.

Apply one to two pumps of Wella Mirror Polish, dependent on hair length, to dry hair. Use your palms to stroke away frizz from roots to ends.

Wella Natural Volume

Wella Natural Volume Styling Mousse – Hold Level 2. Easy-to-create volume that gives hair. Distribute Wella Natural Volume evenly from root to end on damp hair, then blow dry for light, natural support of fine or limp hair natural movement and catches attention.

On damp hair, distribute Wella Natural Volume evenly from root to end. Blow dry into fine or limp hair for light, natural support.

Wella Ocean Spritz

Wella Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray – Hold Level 2. Surf the waves of your hair toward that matte, carefree beach hair look.

Set the beach look by spraying Wella Ocean Spritz into dry hair. Scrunch or shape your beach style using your fingers and air dry.

Wella Pearl Styler

Wella Pearl Styler Styling Gel – Hold Level 3. Lift, texturize or tousle hair for compelling styles that reveal a pearl shine finish.

Distribute one or two pumps of Wella Pearl Styler into your palms, then work into dry hair to texturize or tousle your style.

Wella Sculpt Force

Wella Sculpt Force Flubber Gel – Hold Level 4. Sculpt dramatic defined shapes with acrylic shine and a professional grade strength of hold.

Squeeze Wella Sculpt Force into palms to immediately shape your dry style, working bit by bit into hair with this fast-dry-formula before your style sets.

Wella Shimmer Delight

Wella Shimmer Delight Shine Spray – Hold Level 1. Reveal the natural luster of your finished style with a shine that lightly shimmers.

Spray Wella Shimmer Delight at arm’s length and allow the mist to settle gently. Let the shimmer enhance your style.

Wella Smooth Brilliance

Wella Smooth Brilliance Shine Pomade – Hold Level 1.

Add a finishing touch to your smooth style with natural anti-frizz definition and shine.

Distribute a thin layer of Wella Smooth Brilliance onto the palm of your hand and softly sweep into your hair to smooth your style.

Wella Stay Brilliant

Wella Stay Brilliant – Hold level 1. Color Protecting Lotion. Preserve colored hair while coaxing light hold for true style radiance in one easy step.

Apply 3 to 5 pumps of Wella Stay Brilliant on damp hair, comb through and dry as desired or use as a a lotion to enhance precision cutting or sectioning.

Wella Stay Essential

Wella Stay Essential Finishing Spray – Hold Level 2
Suspend your finished style with Wella Stay Essential.

Wella Texture Touch

Wella Texture Touch Reworkable Clay – Hold Level 2.

Play with your style and reshape your texture with this strong defining clay.

Start by melting a small amount of Wella Texture Touch across your fingertips, then sculpt into dry hair. Shape and rework as often as you want.

Wella Thermal Image

Wella Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray – Hold Level 2. Shield and help protect while keeping hair cooler during dry stage styling with flat irons and curling irons.

Shake Wella Thermal Image well and spray section by section at arm’s length onto dry hair during heat styling.

Wella Velvet Amplifier

Wella Velvet Amplifier – Style Primer – Hold level 2
This concentrated serum improves manageability and amplifies styling control for smooth, responsive styling.

Distribute 1 pump of Wella Velvet Amplifier through damp hair before styling, then blowdry to achieve your desired shape.

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