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Sukesha Clear Hair Conditioner

Sukesha Clear Hair Conditioner – Fragrance Free Pure & Revitalizing formula. Sukesha Clear Hair Conditioner uses an exclusive nourishing system of proteins and amino acids to impart strength and elasticity to hair without feeling heavy. Made with Certified Organic Extracts for healthier, shinier hair with body. Regular use will leave your hair clean, clear and refreshed. Sun protection formula. Best when used with Sukesha Clear Hair Shampoo.

Sukesha Conditioning Rinse

Sukesha Conditioning Rinse – Designed to condition your hair, remove tangles and close the cuticle. It reduces split ends while adding texture, leaving your hair healthier and more manageable. A sun-screening agent has been added to protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Sukesha Moisturizing Treatment

Sukesha Moisturizing Treatment – Contains natural amino acids, saccharides, lactates and protein moisturizers to remove tangles and prevent damage caused by excessive stretching during wet combing – without the usual limp and oily feeling associated with so called “moisturizers”. Sukesha Moisturizing Treatment is best when used with Sukesha Moisturizing Shampoo.

Sukesha Natural Balance Botanical Conditioner

Sukesha Natural Balance Botanical Conditioner – Sukesha Natural Balance Botanical Conditioner will restore your hair to the perfect balance of moisture and protein necessary for stronger healthier hair. Soy protein and natural amino acids increase body and impart elasticity. Certified Organics and Botanical Extracts smooth and seal the cuticle leaving hair soft, shiny and tangle free. Best when used with Sukesha Natural Balance Shampoo.

Sukesha Shine and Body

Sukesha Shine and Body Leave-in Conditioner – A one-step leave-in conditioner and styling product with Sun Protector. The easy spray-on formulation gently removes tangles and conditions hair, while adding body, volume and shine.

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