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Aura Rosemary Mint Rejuvenating Conditioner

Aura Rosemary Mint Rejuvenating Rinse – Light formula detangles and rinses clean without weighing down hair down. Restores hair and scalp to a healthy state. Refreshing fragrance awakens the senses. Anti-oxidants and vitamins strengthen and protect.

Kadus Imunal Hydro Energy Shampoo

Kadus Imunal Hydro Energy Shampoo – For normal to dry hair. Containing seaweed extracts, Kadus Imunal Hydro Energy Shampoo moisturizes the hair, giving it a silky shine and making it easier to comb through. Kadus Imunal Hydro Energy Shampoo provides a rich, natural source of proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements to hair. Kadus Imunal Hydro Energy Shampoo contains the energy-rich E3 Complex with the structural ingredients creatine, proteins and glucose that give hair visible, noticeable vitality. Kadus Imunal Color Energy Shampoo leaves the hair strengthened on the inside and cared for on the outside. For everyday use.

Matrix Amplify Volumizing Conditioner

Matrix Amplify Conditioner – Provides weightless conditioning that hydrates and protects hair’s strength while it gives hair more volume and thickness. Hair is manageable and shinier. Matrix Amplify Conditioner is especially formulated for volumizing. Good on all hair types. Safe on chemically treated hair.

After using Matrix Amplify Volumizing Shampoo, follow with Matrix Amplify Conditioner. Leave in 1-3 minutes and rinse.

Matrix Color Smart Conditioner

Matrix Color Smart Conditioner – Positively-charged conditioning agents help repair damaged, porous areas prone to color loss. Matrix Color Smart Conditioner contains vitamin E plus Alpha Fortifier.

Matrix Sleek Look Extra Intense Conditioner
Formerly Matrix Sleek Look Deep Moisture Masque

Matrix Sleek Look Extra Intense Conditioner – Envelops hair with intense, all-day moisture for tangle-free conditioning. Matrix Sleek Look Extra Intense Conditioner helps repair breakage, seal split ends and mend damage. Transforms overly dry, wavy, frizzy, coarse hair into sleek, smooth styles.

Matrix Sleek Look Conditioner

Matrix Sleek Look Conditioner – Optimizes moisture levels daily & creates a humidity barrier. Matrix Sleek Look Conditioner adds manageability and lets you blow-dry hair smooth, sleek & straight.

If you swim, put some Matrix Sleek Look conditioner on your hair before going into pool, it will protect your hair strands from chlorine and sun damage.

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