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American Crew Boost Cream

American Crew Boost Cream – Anti-gravity volume cream with healthy shine. Take hair to new heights with American Crew Boost Cream. Formulated to enhance natural definition and separation for healthy volume and shine.

Apply a generous amount of American Crew Boost Cream to your hands and work evenly throughout towel-dried hair. For dry hair, a little does a long way.

American Crew Boost Cream provides moisturizing properties that soften hair and add volume, prevents dryness, provides added body and fullness.

American Crew Boost Powder

American Crew Boost Powder – Anti-gravity volume powder with matte finish. Give hair lift, thickness and a matte finish with American Crew Boost Powder. This weightless powder adds grit for dramatic, gravity-defying texture. And, it can be layered with virtually any other American Crew styling product.

Tap the puck a few times to loosen American Crew Boost Powder and then pour a small amount into your hand. Sprinkle it lightly and evenly on dry hair, making sure the product falls to the root for maximum lift and separation. Combine with Boost Cream or other American Crew styling products for enhanced volume and styling options.

American Crew Boost Powder retains natural moisture and softens hair, provides flexible hold and thickens hair, revitalizes and restores hair.

American Crew Curl Construct

American Crew Curl Construct – Creates bold curls for a full, defined style. Use American Crew Curl Construct to create dynamic texture, support and define bold, layered curls and enhance natural waves.

Apply a bottle cap size amount of American Crew Curl Construct to towel-dried hair from the root to tip. Blow dry or let hair dry naturally, allowing hair to dry without overworking.

American Crew Curl Construct gives hair added body and improves texture, conditions and adds sheen to hair, provides strong, long lasting hold.

American Crew Defining Paste

American Crew Defining Paste – For added texture or increased definition. Beeswax provides a natural, pliable hold for various lengths. Wax-like consistency provides a matte finish while still remaining easy to distribute through hair.

American Crew Defining Paste is similar to Fiber in texture and effects but is easier to use and distribute through hair. It can also be used in hair that’s beyond 2″ in length.

American Crew Fiber

American Crew Fiber – Resinous product helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair. Provides a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish. American Crew Fiber works well in shorter hair, 1-3 inches in length.

For best results, rub a small amount of American Crew Fiber evenly between palms before working into hair. Distribute American Crew Fiber evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired.

American Crew Firm Hold Gel

American Crew Firm Hold Gel – The ultimate in holding power, is enriched with natural extracts like Vitamin B5 to help hair look thicker with added shine. This alcohol-free gel is superior in hold and shine and has a low pH to prevent drying of the scalp.

American Crew Firm Hold Gel is alcohol free, contains thermal protectants to guard against blow drying, provides a light, natural hold, and contains PVP Copolymer to add body and fullness to the hair.

American Crew Forming Cream

American Crew Forming Cream – Easy to use styling cream works well for all hair types. American Crew Forming Cream provides hold, excellent pliability, and a natural shine. American Crew Forming Cream also helps hair look thicker and is ideal for easing new users into the potential of styling jar products.

Work a a small amount of American Crew Forming Cream evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired.

American Crew Grooming Cream

American Crew Grooming Cream – Use to create a straight, sleek look or to soften naturally curly or wavy hair with conditioning elements such as aloe vera. Repels moisture to keep styles intact and provides excellent hold and shine.

The American Crew Grooming Cream formula contains Aloe Vera gel, providing emolliency and moisturizing properties. Lanolin is responsible for the tremendous shine. Coconut oil provides conditioning properties and sheen. Beeswax provides a barrier against moisture loss and has anti-oxidant properties.

American Crew Grooming Spray

American Crew Grooming Spray – American Crew Grooming Spray is an incredibly flexible product. Use it on damp hair before styling or when hair is dry to hold styles in place. Excellent for gray hair or fine hair prone to static. It’s also a buildable product, meaning the more you apply, the greater the hold. American Crew Grooming Spray washes out easily with no sticky residue.

American Crew Grooming Spray provides strong hold while remaining pliable. Excellent for the slicked look or rough texture. Spray onto towel-dried or dry hair. Comb or run fingers through hair for a softer, more natural hold.

American Crew Light Hold Gel

American Crew Light Hold Styling Gel – American Crew Light Hold Styling Gel builds thickness and shine while providing light control.

American Crew Light Hold Styling Gel’s alcohol-free, flake-free formula will not dry the scalp and contains thermal barriers that protect the hair from environmental stress and blow drying or heat treatments. This is one gel that works to condition scalp with ginseng and sage extract.

American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion

American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion – Provides light control for fine or thin hair of all lengths, resulting in a natural look with slight definition. American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion is formulated with natural extracts like ginseng to make hair look thicker and increase manageability.

This is an excellent choice for those who want light control in their hair without using a lot of styling product. Perfect for creating a healthy, natural, barely styled look with minimal effort.

American Crew Molding Clay

American Crew Molding Clay – High hold with medium shine. Concentrated styling power lets you manipulate hair into any style. Made with natural extracts and beeswax, this unique compound maintains touchable shape and texture.

American Crew Molding Clay works well for short styles and those who seek a styling product with a more natural, subtle fragrance. American Crew Molding Clay is also a product of choice for those who frequently engage in sports and tend to perspire heavily.

American Crew Pomade

American Crew Pomade – Medium hold with high shine
Application: Work a small amount evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired.

American Crew Pomade works well for curly hair and provides a modern, flexible alternative to styling gels. Use it to create classic, slicked back looks or for control in any hair type.

American Crew Spray Gel

American Crew Medium Hold Spray Gel – Enriched with Sage, Ginseng, and Quillaja, American Crew Medium Hold Spray Gel provides a natural look and feel with medium hold. This product is alcohol free and contains a sunscreen that helps protect the hair from UV damage. Excellent for blow drying and hair of all lengths, this product can be used on damp or dry hair.

American Crew Spray Gel contains PVP/VA copolymer holding agents with excellent flexibility and substantively. Aloe Vera Gel conditions and maintains moisture. Sage Extract conditions dry scalp. Low pH prevents drying out the hair and scalp.

American Crew Superglue

American Crew Superglue – Gel for extreme hold and shine. Create styles never before possible with high hold, high shine and high definition.

Apply a generous amount of American Crew Superglue to towel-dried hair, bring your look to life and let your hair dry naturally.

American Crew Superglue is a long lasting moisturizer, prevents from hair damage, thickens hair and improves luster and shine. Provides strong, lasting hold. A natural lubricant used to provide body and shine.

American Crew UltraMatte

American Crew UltraMatte – This medium-hold fixative has a matte finish and moisturizers that improve the hair’s health and thickness. It’s designed to stand up to all the elements, so you get looks that last.

American Crew UltraMatte prevents from hair damage, thickens hair and acts as a long-lasting moisturizer. Promotes moisture retention. Provides protection against the effects of ultraviolet rays and nature’s visible components on hair.

American Crew UltraMatte enhances hair’s body and shine while acting as an excellent moisturizing and permanent conditioning agent. Offers medium hold, long-lasting results with humidity resistance and no flakes. Weightless, white ingredient used to achieve the matte effect.

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