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All-Nutrient ClarpHx Active Clarifying Treatment

All-Nutrient ClarpHx Active Clarifying Treatment –
Contains unique chelating agents that remove minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, and manganese deposited on the hair by hard water. Special reducing agents remove chlorine, bromine and iodine absorbed when swimming in pools. Use daily in hard water areas or periodically to remove mineral deposits, medication or build-up prior to chemical processing to ensure better results. Best when used with All-Nutrient ClarpHx Active Clarifying Shampoo.

All-Nutrient Colorsafe Leave-In Conditioner

All-Nutrient Colorsafe Leave-In Conditioner – Helps prevent UV-B damage – Nourishes and detangles – Bodifier for fine hair. All-Nutrient Colorsafe Leave-In Conditioner is designed for ultimate color protection, this conditioner nourishes color-treated hair with the select nutrients, proteins and amino acids that are vital to ensure longer-lasting color and healthier hair. Natural anti-oxidant and sun protection formula. Best when used with All-Nutrient Colorsafe Shampoo.

All-Nutrient Colorsafe Nourishing Conditioner

All-Nutrient Colorsafe Nourishing Conditioner – An advanced botanical formulation created to moisturize, strengthen and protect color-treated or porous hair.

NUTRITIVECOLORCEUTICALS™ is a concentrated nutritive system of microproteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to replenish all the vital nutrients color treated hair needs, combined with natural anti-oxidants, free radical scavengers and sunscreen to lock-in haircolor.

Colorsafe® Nourishing Conditioner provides ultimate color protection, enriches your haircolor, revitalizing your hair leaving it healthy, vibrant and shiny. Best when used with All-Nutrient Colorsafe Shampoo.

All-Nutrient Hair Proteinizer

All-Nutrient Hair Proteinizer – Spray-in bodifier and conditioner is formulated with nutrients critical for stronger, healthy hair. Your hair is rejuvenated, magnificently full-bodied and manageable. Quaternized amino acids and cationic silk and keratin proteins provide high substantivity from within to promote lasting benefits, especially on fine, medium or damaged hair. All-Nutrient Hair Proteinizer contains sunscreen to protect hair from damaging UV rays.

All-Nutrient Hydracreme Conditioner

All-Nutrient Hydracreme Conditioner – A rich blend of essential fatty acids and biotin to nourish the hair and scalp. Soothing chamomile relieves over-stressed hair, while wheat protein and pure natural vitamins restore its strength and vitality. Regular use of All-Nutrient Hydracreme Conditioner will leave your hair healthy and shiny without weight. Best when used with All-Nutrient Hydrating Shampoo.

All-Nutrient Kiwi Botanical Conditioner

All-Nutrient Kiwi Botanical Conditioner – This Botanical Formula nourishes the hair and scalp. Hair is left full-bodied and manageable, with natural bounce and shine – without weight or build-up. All-Nutrient Kiwi Botanical Conditioner can safely be used on all types of hair. This pH-balanced formulation can be used as frequently as you like. Best when used with All-Nutrient Kiwi Shampoo. Style with All-Nutrient Kiwi Freeze.

All-Nutrient Oil

All-Nutrient Oil – Unique dual-purpose formula for use on both hair and skin! Can be used as a hot or cold oil treatment or as a moisturizing tanning oil. Its pure distilled vegetable oils, plant extracts and vitamins penetrate deeply to relieve dryness.

All-Nutrient Raspbody Conditioner

All-Nutrient Raspbody Conditioner – Captures the essence of earth’s natural resources to nourish hair and scalp while dramatically increasing body and shine. Fresh raspberry fruit extract combines with panthenol, vitamins A,B-5,E,F, and rainforest herbs to rejuvenate over-worked hair. Whole grain proteins, marine minerals, jaboncillo extract, and Babassu oil, rich in emmollients, moisturize and revitalize your hair leaving it healthy, shiny and manageable. Best when used with All-Nutrient Raspbody Shampoo. Style with All-Nutrient Raspbody Freeze.

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