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 Hair Crack
Hair Crack

Hair Crack

Hair Crack - For sleek, straight or defined natural curls. Always smooth, shiny, healthy hair. The multi-tasking anti-frizz leave-in styling aid with humidity, chlorine and sun protection for all types of hair. It's addicting.

Hair Crack - Anti-Frizz and Heat Protectant Leave-In Styling Aid. Hair Crack volumizes limp hair, tames wild hair, straightens and defines curls. Hair Crack nourishes and mends hair while providing humidity, chlorine and sun protection. Hair Crack is also Paraben Free.





Using Hair Crack:

Towel dry hair after shampooing. Start with pea to dime-size amount depending on length and thickness of hair. Apply to fingertips or palm. Work into hair and comb through. Don't rinse out. Remember - A little goes a long way! Don't overdose!

What Hairstylists say about Hair Crack:

  • Go straight or define your curls.
  • Air dry and scrunch those waves. Give your hair a heat break.
  • When you use a dryer you'll find Crack helps decrease blow-dry time.
  • Use on dry hair to control extra crazy frizzies.
  • Apply before pool or beach to protect from sun, chlorine and saltwater. (Crack helps protect hair color from chlorine, too.)
  • Hair strength and elasticity will increase with regular use.
  • Crack reduces volume and smoothes thick bulky hair.
  • Hair Crack is light weight so there's no build up.
  • Hair Crack works great on hair extensions!
  • Hair Crack is for everyone. Men love it, too.


Customer Reviews for Hair Crack

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