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ACE by Saba - Natural Energy for Weight Loss
ACE by Saba - Natural Energy for Weight Loss










Clark Bartram for Saba ACE

Saba ACE

Saba ACE = Healthy Weight-Loss through Appetite Control and Energy Lift   *Newly "tweaked" formula!

Saba ACE - Saba's exclusive scientifically formulated ACE weight loss supplement contains the top five most effective weight loss ingredients scientifically formulated into one pill! Our ACE master mix of ingredients includes Garcinia Cambogia extract, Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Bean extract, Konjac Rootextract and Saffron extract. Multiple ingredients in our exclusive ACE proprietary formula have been shown in numerous research and clinical studies to help boost your metabolism so you’ll lose weight fast and keep it off for good!

With Saba's natural ACE you will reduce your appetite, eat less and be energized throughout the day. The combination of reduced caloric intake as well as increased energy and activity leads to successful weight loss! Achieve your goal with Natural ACE.

Saba ACE 60 Caps


Saba ACE 2 Cap Trial


Limited time offer!
Enter FREESHIP4ACE at checkout for FREE Shipping on all Saba ACE orders!

 *Late last year, Saba modified the formula for ACE. Beginning February of this year, they started shipping a "tweaked" verson of the new formula that is much closer to the Original ACE. All our stock is the new "tweaked" version of ACE.

All 60 capsule bottles of Saba ACE come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Natural Source Ingredients:

  • Chromium
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Konjac Root Extract
  • L-Carnitine
  • Phenylethylamine
  • Raspberry Ketone
  • Saffron Extract
  • Veladium
  • Vitamins B6 and B12


Natural ACE Testimonies

ACE by Saba Testimonies
LOST 197 lbs.!

"ACE by Saba gave me a lot of energy and I was able to start walking and biking for exercise. 
Plus, it helped me cut the amount of carbohydrates I ate. Before ACE, I was 365 lbs. and now I'm 170 lbs!"

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies
LOST 56 lbs!

"LOVE MY ACE and Saba! I found myself getting bigger and bigger, and knew I needed to get some help...
I started taking A.C.E and Saba and saw results in the way my clothes fit. Plus my energy was amazing! 
I have now lost a total of 56 lbs. and have trimmed over 30" off my body.

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies

"I have tried several differents diets and weight-loss programs in the past and I never stuck to them.  
After the first two weeks on ACE, I had lost 12 pounds and felt wonderful. I realized with ACE, 
I also had the energy to exercise too. Now I have a whole new look on diet and exercise because of ACE"

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies
LOST 20 lbs.

"I would have never dreamed something like ACE would cange my life in so many ways."

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies
LOST 40 lbs.

"I could not believe the difference and how quickly I was seeing results. I couldn't believe the energy it provided
and the way it controlled my appetite and cravings."

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies
LOST 34 lbs.

"Wow, after only three weeks of taking ACE I found my general sense of happiness.  I mean, I'm just 
in the best mood I've been in a long time! And energy...I got that back too!

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies


"I have more energy and am able to keep up with my daughter more than ever now! I have l
ost 28 pounds and have gone down four sizes in pants! This has been a blessing for me."

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies


"I LOVE my ACE! I started taking ACE and the energy level I had was amazing! I have 
lost 40 pounds and I can't imagine a day without this product!"

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies

ACE by Saba Testimonies ACE by Saba Testimonies


"I love ACE and even more than that, I love the results!  I love that they work!  What we say they
do, THEY DO!  My weight loss is around 60 pounds and I'm loving it!  Never in a million years did I
think when I started taking ACE I would be wearing a size 8 jean and small and medium shirts.  
It blows my mind." 

ACE by Saba Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"I have struggled with my weight my entire life and nothing I did seemed to help until I tried ACE!  ACE 
not only helped me lose weight but it controlled my cravings and helped change my eating habits.  It gave 
me the will power I never had before and I love the energy it gives me!  ACE has changed my life...I will 
be forever grateful for that!"  


Saba ACE Testimonies

"Never has anything made us feel so great!  I can't believe what a difference ACE and 
Saba have made in our life. There's nothing like it!"
~Micky & Debbie

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"When I started taking ACE and Saba I was 516 lbs. Within the first month, I was starting to feel 
a difference. Now I weigh 405 lbs and I feel great! I visit the gym 5 days a week. Without ACE 
who knows what would have happened to me. 

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"I started taking ACE and was pleased that I did indeed have more energy and it also 
curbed my appetite. Since beginning to take ACE I have lost between 30 & 35 pounds 
and went from a size 20 to a size 12-14! I am very pleased with the results! 

 Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"I have lost 38 pounds. I began to have energy again and the food cravings stopped. 
I began exercising...I haven't felt this good in years". ACE works! I can't say much more 
than...well, look at my results! All you have to do is take it, believe it's going to work, then get to work!
~ Ronnie

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"ACE has drastically changed how I look and feel!  Before, I was tired ALL the 
time and felt even worse after lunch.  Now I have energy all day and well into the 
evening.  I was finally motivated to do something about my weight and tons of 
energy and no cravings to worry about!  I ahve now lost 28 pounds!"  

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"Life is great!! Busy, but Great!  Since using the ACE product I feel great, I have 
extra energy and it has allowed me to make better food choices because I don't stay 
hungry all the time.  The numbers on a scale don't show my success.  With ACE, 
however the way I feel and look in my clothes is a totally different story.  My greatest 
reward with Saba and ACE is being able to share the product with my friends and 
family without having any doubts of what it can do for them feel as great as I do!"  ~ 

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"I have lost 31 pounds! I couldn't have done it without my ACE! ACE takes away my food 
cravings. I just turned 55 and I feel 20 years old again and healthier than I have in years!"

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"ACE has helped me to lose 30 pounds.  It has also kept my bad eating habits under control.  
As long as I take my ACE, I don't have cravings for root beer and other sweets.  The energy
that it gives, allows me to get back to the things I love to do, such as working in my yard, 
exercising and spending quality time with my family.  I love my ACE!"  

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"I've been on every diet known to man and none worked for me.  After being heavy all 
my life, I was skeptical but willing to try anything.  At 48 I wore a size 14-15 and weighted 170 lbs.  
I committed to the "1-2 Punch" of Saba and ACE in November 2009.  Wow, what a combination! 
I have lost over 40 lbs., wear a size 7 and feel amazing.  I never believed this woman was inside 
but I'm glad ACE and Saba have helped me find her. 

Saba ACE Testimonies  Saba ACE Testimonies


"I lost eight pounds in the first two weeks (taking ACE), my wife lost six. We were ecstatic!
It was then that we knew we had our hands on something very powerful! This is me now,
35 pounds lighter." ~Eric

Saba ACE TestimoniesSaba ACE Testimonies


"As a fulltime mom, employee and college student, I could not for the life of me squeeze in a 
work-out more than twice a week. I pretty much exhausted every known diet product on the 
market. Natural ACE has stopped the late night cravings...In almost two months; I have 
completely changed the way I look at food. I love this product. It has given me back my 
confidence and my wardrobe."

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies

"This is the picture (right) of me taken in Cancun on our most recent trip.  I am sure you can tell
the difference from the one taken last year.  I'm in the same outfit, but I took 5 inches out of the 
waist of the pants and 7 inches out of the blouse.  I was wearing a size 20 then, now I'm in a 
size 14. Whooopeee! 

 Saba ACE Testimonies  Saba ACE Testimonies


"What a feeling it is to lose 20 plus pounds. With the help of ACE, my prom dress fit 
perfectly and I feel more confident."

Saba ACE Testimonies       Saba ACE TestimoniesSaba ACE Testimonies


“All I can say is “WOW”! The Natural ACE product is amazing! I have enough energy to last me throughout the day and have lost more than 40 pounds since being on the product! The appetite control of this product is like none other. I am so excited that Saba/AMS have the exclusive launch of this product! Natural ACE is going to be a tremendous compliment to our other products and a great door opener for all of our Associates to grow their business to phenomenal heights.
~ Kellie

Saba ACE Testimonies Saba ACE Testimonies


"I have been on ACE since its debut, and I was able to keep my weight below my weight goal. 
I can say that I am not gaining back any of the weight I lost at all and I feel fantastic when I take ACE!"

Saba ACE Testimonies   Saba ACE Testimonies


"So far, while taking ACE, I have lost 26 pounds.  I have so much energy and the appetite 
control is awesome.  Although I have just started this weight-loss journey, I feel so much better
physically and I have started coming out of a "shell" personally that I have been hiding in for years.  
I cannot say enough good things about this product and the way it works."

Saba ACE TestimoniesSaba ACE TestimoniesSaba ACE Testimonies

~Judy and John

Saba ACE Testimonies


"We love the ACE product. It not only helps you eat less, but it gives you energy."
`Larry & Charlotte

ACE Testimonies ACE Testimonies


"I am starting the New Years Resolution NOW!!! Already down 20 lbs. thanks to ACE Appetite Control & Energy supplement from Saba."


ACE Testimonies ACE Testimonies

ACE TestimoniesACE Testimonies


"We joined as a mother/daughter team...and am so excited!  I have lost 25 pounds and my mom has lost 19!  We have tried every product/diet there is and have never found anything that worked...UNTIL NOW!"
~Daughter Kimberlee and Mother Marsha  



"...We have been on the ACE for 11 weeks, I have lost 37lbs and Larry has lost 35lbs, we love this product, it WORKS!!!!"

“I have been on ACE for two weeks and have lost 5 lbs but most of all I love the energy they give me.” ~Julia

“I tried ACE for just three weeks and my weight is down from 226 to 
214! I love the way it makes me feel, and they control my appetite.                
I do not snack between meals.” ~Eugene                                                                                                                        

"I've been using the Natural ACE for a month and have lost 16.2 pounds. Woo-hoo! Thanks for letting us in on the secret!"

“We have been taking the product 6 days. We both feel that it has curbed our appetite. Dean has lost 7 pounds and I have lost 3. We have not changed what we eat, we just can’t eat as much because we feel full. We don’t snack because we don’t feel hungry.”
~ Sue & Dean

"Yes they work, and it (Natural ACE) has blessed me with a 18 1/2 pound weight loss and 2 inches in the waist line. My wife has only been on the ACE for about 3 weeks and has dropped 8 lbs. This is the only product of its type she has been able to consume." ~Allen

 "Over the holidays last year, I gained about 12 pounds. This is not unusual, but this time it hasn't come off as quickly as it has in the past. Needless to say, I was glad to try Natural ACE The first thing I noticed was that I wasn't even thinking about eating between meals. I have always had trouble at night wanting to snack after dinner until I went to bed. This has completely stopped. I have more energy and I am getting full much sooner. My craving for sweets has completely gone away. They still look good, but I don't have that, "I've got to have it", feeling. I think they will be great for developing better eating habits, without having to suffer to do it. Best of all, my 12 pounds of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's fat is gone". ~Sue

"Anyone that knows me knows that I love to eat. I took ACE on Friday morning before we went and played golf. I did not get hungry all day. After golf I had dinner plans with another couple and we went to a steak house. Usually I will eat a salad, large steak and a baked potato and a lot of times desert. I ordered my usual. After my salad came and I ate it I turned to my wife and told her that I wished that I had not ordered the steak. Much to my surprise I was full!" ~Steve

These statements, nor the product, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and do not constitute a guarantee of any kind. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition or health problem, you should seek the advice of your physician or health professional. For best results, follow a healthy diet, exercise program and drink plenty of water. Individual results may vary.

These statements are the testimonies of individuals, and may not be typical


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